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    IBM Rational ClearCase quick FAQ

    What is it?
    It is a software version control tool from IBM under the Rational brand providing a configuration management solutions scaling from small development projects to a geographically distributed development projects.

    What is the current version?
    Version 7 is the current version. It was the first major release since IBM bought Rational. Previous versions released by Rational were known as 200X.XX i.e 2002.05, 2003.06.

    What does it run on?
    It runs on Linux, z/OS, UNIX and Windows.

    Can it work in a mixed Windows and *NIX environment?
    Yes, it provides functionality so Windows and UNIX servers and clients can communicate with each other.

    What can it version control?
    ClearCase can version control any file and directory. However, it only has functionality to merge text files such as java or C, C++, .NET source code or perl, shell scripts, Microsoft Word files, and XML files. It can not merge binary files such as Acrobat PDF or Microsoft Excel Files.

    What software architecture does it use?
    Is a client server based model where Rational clients communicate over a network to the ClearCase server.

    Who created it?
    A company called Atria created it as a UNIX tool in 1992. This company then merged with Rational in 1997. IBM then bought Rational out in 2003 and now is one of IBM’s software brand offerings like Websphere, Tivoli and Lotus.

    Who uses it?
    It is typically implemented in medium to large business enterprises that can meet its high expenses for licensing, ongoing vendor support and setup costs.

    What size software development projects does it suit?
    It scales from small projects of a few developers to large projects with thousands of developers working on the same source code across the globe.

    What version control model does it use?
    Elements under version control are modified directly using a check out, modify, and checkin model. This is unlike file based like subversion or PVCS where files are copied to working copy, modified, then copied back in.

    How many different offerings does it come in?
    ClearCase LT- Scaled down entry level version of full ClearCase that is due to be out of support April 30, 2010 by IBM
    - Designed for small scale software development
    Base ClearCase - Full tool offering
    - Long setup time due to scripting required to provide a project ready configuration management solution
    - Scripting allows it to be flexible to cater for different configuration management usage models
    ClearCase UCM(Unified Change Management)- Add on to base ClearCase to provide the UCM ready to use configuration management solution out of the box
    ClearCase multi-site- Add on to ClearCase base or UCM to provide geographically distributed development functionality
    - Replicates all ClearCase repositories across each site using its own replication packet creation and management, packet transfer, and replication site routing

    How do I interact with it?
    ClearCase explorerDesktop GUI client for end user usage for checking files in and out of the tool installed onto Windows, or UNIX
    UCM project explorerDesktop GUI administration interface for UCM on Windows and *NIX
    Cleartool command lineCleartool is the command line version of base and UCM ClearCase commands on Windows and *NIX
    Multitool command lineMultitool is the command line interface for multi-site commands from geographically distributed development ClearCase commands on Windows and *NIX
    ClearCase Automated LibraryWindows COM API for ClearCase
    Integrated Windows ExplorerAccess ClearCase explorer commands via an integrated context menu in Windows explorer
    ClearCase Remote Client(CCRC)Eclipse based version of ClearCase that uses only http port 80 for transfer. ClearCase typically uses a wide network port range
    ClearCase WebA browser based interface ClearCase user interface
    Multitool administration consoleA browser based administration console for ClearCase multi-site. This is due to be discontinued in late 2008

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